In your opinion, are on-line courses and programs as effective as traditional courses and programs? Why yes or why no? Give reasons and examples to support your views.

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Human beings, as an outcome of centuries of evolution, developed sciences and technology in order to improve their living conditions. Technology nowadays affects almost every aspect of life and lately tends to "expand" within the educational field through on-line programs; the above though arouses controversy over on-line and traditional teaching.

In order to analyze the phenomenon, it is absolutely necessary to determine the two terms involved, "on-line" and "traditional" teaching. The first term refers to the use of the Net as a teaching process and the second one refers to the traditional way of teaching that includes face to face communication between students and instructors.

As regards the latter, there are people that vote against it and others that vote for it. Each side advances its own arguments. In the first category of those that vote against on-line courses, people argue that this particular method lacks interaction.

Interaction with professors and other classmates is considered to be one of the greatest advantages of traditional learning. They also claim that the success of transmitting knowledge is something that can not be achieved in any other way than through physical contact. Furthermore according to those people on-line courses are not ideal for dealing with individual learning problems. The uniqueness of each person is totally lost within the Net and as a result knowledge can not be delivered as successfully as in the case of on-ground teaching. In addition to what has been mentioned above, people that vote against those "Net-courses" argue that through electronic communication, the sense of "supervising" stops to exist and consequently there is no way of knowing whether the lectures act effectively or not. Finally, those that are opposed to on-line courses state that in face to face teaching, having to hand over papers personally, raises...

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