A Young Child's Appearance

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Essay on appearance - problems with changing tenses and using "their"

Picture a young child in charge of his or her cleanliness. You would see dirty clothes, a messy face, dirty hands, and messed up hair. Children are innocent human beings that are slowly learning the ways of living. They do not have responsibilities and therefore are careless in anything and everything they do. Two words that definitely do not go together: children and clean. Nobody expects young children to keep their appearance clean on their own.

A young child must change their clothes more than once a day. This is because they need to keep their appearance decent. If a child did not change his or her clothes, they would go the entire day looking filthy. When a child is seen with a dirty face, messy hair, and/or food all over their clothes, the parent is the one who gets the blame.

We know in a situation like this, it is not the child's fault. It is the parent's responsibility to maintain their young child's appearance. A parent usually wants their child to stay as clean looking as possible. Some parents are more laid back to the situation and others are strict. It is difficult to keep young children clean because they consistently make mistakes.

Young children are more likely to spill or dirty their clothes because they are accident prone. Their judgment is off which can make them unintentionally careless. Children are especially messy when eating and playing. If you give a child a can of soda to drink, he or she will be more likely to get only half in their mouth. The rest will spill on themselves and all over their clothes, shoes, and anything else around them. When young children eat by...

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