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The Great War "The war that would end all wars," or at least that was the idea of the time.

WWI had many downfalls, but the outcome was oddly successful. The U.S.A. took many steps in order to ensure the safety of their soldiers and the effectiveness of their entrance into the war. These steps included the U.S.A.'s preparation for the war, it's national support, and its effectiveness at the battle lines. Through all of these steps, the U.S.A. would prove victorious in all aspects.

Preparation for war was a key aspect of America's success in WWI. The movement began with The Preparedness Movement of 1914. The U.S.A. was declared neutral at the time, but American businessmen had many ties in the economy of Britton. This movement made America more aware of the potential war that may be in the horizon. Another great addition to the awareness of the war was the draft.

At the beginning of the war the U.S.A. was under manned and through the draft national pride was brought about and the forces strengthened immensely. Volunteers also allowed for a better nation. The American Expeditionary Force consisted of all demographics for the war scene, all races and sexes fought for the AEF. Finance was a great need for complete efficiency in WWI. Seeing a lack in funds, the government issued Liberty Bonds in order to gain money. In the end, the bonds grossed over 20 billion dollars. Glorification of the Great War was another great addition to the cause. Through posters and other pictorial ads, the war became a place for heroes.

In essence, the support of a nation is the most vital aspect of the war. America's nation supported the war effort more than any other effort. The citizens made the war to be glorious, and...

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