What Women Want

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What Women Want

My Spanish teacher once told me that throughout my life women would confuse me. I never understood what my teacher was telling me until today. In a relationship, men need someone who will be their friend, companion, and lover, but on the other hand, women have no clue of what they want from a relationship. Women are difficult to please, and I must add, they are IMPOSSIBLE.

"I like you. I love you. I want to marry you." Women use these testimonies everyday to set up a clueless ending to a relationship. If I were to tell you all the reasons why women are impossible, I would be writing forever. I plan not to do that. I'll start by saying just not long ago; a friend of mine was having problems in his relationship. His girlfriend ended their relationship for no apparent reason.

The only answer she could give my friend was that she felt things between them weren't the same. She concludes by saying it's not that serious. If you ask me, she has no clue what she wants. In relationships, it's just like a woman to leave a man clueless. The man is expected to know what she is thinking at all times. Just when men think they have an idea of what their woman wants and presents them with more love than they can handle, whether the love he gives her is a special kiss or gift, she'll turn it down of course and begin to cry. When things are not going the way women expect them to, they began to cry. They'll dump you, and then begin to cry again like it's the man`s fault. Don't get me wrong, men have their faults, but that is the affect...

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