Women's Rights

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In today's society, women are considered equal to men. Women are able to look into any profession of their liking, and are not put under categories of such jobs as teachers and nurses. Today's women are given the choice to vote, and are not under the control of anyone else but themselves. They are even able to wear anything they wish to wear. Women today are living the life that was dreamed of in earlier years. But life for women was not always this giving. In the 16th and 17th centuries, also known as the Renaissance, women were under total control of others. Society controlled their way of life, education, and their marriages.

As women grew up, it was made very clear that they were to be inferior to men. Women were taught from birth that they were inferior to men. The concept of female inferiority was true to Christianity, but the Church shaped Medieval and Renaissance society in ways that people find hard to believe nowadays.

Women were taught, and believed, that they were instruments of the Devil. Females were also taught that they were the original sin that lured men away from God and salvation. Society was very strict in the clothes worn by women. Dresses always reached the floor, and sleeves always reached the palm of their hands, even in the summer time. In society's eyes, women were the only imperfection in God's creation.

Although they were taught to be inferior to men, women were also taught in the classroom, which seemed to be a controlled education. Most people in the first half of the 16th century did not believe in education for women. They held their medieval belief that teaching girls to read and to write would cause them to waste their time and...

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