Women's Rights

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Jul 12, 2001 Women's rights Women's struggle for equal rights becomes the thread that runs through the entire fabric of U.S history. More than a hundred years ago, American women did not have the right to own property, keep the money that they earned, vote, get education, or get custody of their children. The road to equality has been arduous. Many extraordinary women like Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Staton, and Lucy Stone etc"¦ have stand up to be the pioneers of the women's movement. Their works being ridiculed and even having rotten eggs and vegetables thrown at them, but they still continue to work for women's rights. I think women should have the rights so that they have entrepreneurs to advance into men's field.

In the past, men believed themselves to be smarter than women. So in school, young women only learned to play piano, do needle, speak a little French, and move gracefully.

Girls did not learn science, math emetics, or literature like boys did. But now in reality, women demonstrate their strength in many men's fields. In education, Christa McAuliffe was the first teacher in space; Sally Ride was the first woman astronaut; Therese Dozier won the teaching profession's highest honor in 1985. In politics, Jeannette Rankin, an active feminist, was the first woman to be elected to Congress; many women hold important position in the government like Council President Carol Bellamy of New York City, U.S Representative Claudine Schneider of Rhode Island, Governor Madeleine Kunin of Vermont, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and U.S Senator Nancy Kassebaum of Kansas, etc"¦And what have they achieved? Almost all women's legislation has been introduced and shepherded through Congress by women, including the ERA, the Equal Pay Act, the Rape Privacy Act, and the Displaced Homemakers Act. In medical, Clara...

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