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Career History:

Sales Executive in her family-owned electrical business, Lim Seng Soon Electric Company Pte Ltd

Director in 24Hrs Service Engineering Pte Ltd

Business and Corporate Development Director of Jurong Technologies Industrial Corporation

An Unusual Company Director

The first time we met Joyce Lin was at the new Jurong Tech office, and they had moved into barely two weeks before. This was sometime in mid-February. She did not have a business card, as they just moved into the new premises and she told us to just call her "Joyce". She was very casual and did not appear to care too much if she was a Director or not.

Then, we asked her about Jurong Tech. That was when her eyes lit up, and she beamed and became quite animated. She even took us to see her new plant which was really interesting.

Breaking Away

Joyce started by saying she really admired Olivia Lum from Hyflux, and how she read the story of Olivia's struggle from rags to riches.

In contrast, Joyce led a comfortable life. Her father owned an electrical business, the family lived in a huge house. The only problem was that Joyce's father did not believe girls needed much education.

So after schooling for a while, her father told her to quit school and help out in his electrical business. She was put in charge of sales. She dealt with electrical engineers and contractors, as well as the electrical suppliers. She learnt all about electrical connections and circuits, and electrical engineering from them. After some years, she got restless and decided to leave.

Finding Herself

She worked for Jurong Shipyard (now known as SembCorp Marine Ltd) and was put in the marine engineering division. She was only in her twenties. She said, "Thinking back, I never realized how...

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