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For my research paper I wanted to discuss about the marketing and history of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). Once I came to college I realized that I didn't want to pursue my basketball career in further. However, I love the game of basketball and I am even more fascinated with women's basketball that maybe I could work for the WNBA one of these days. I understand that it may not be my first job, but someday I would love to work for the Indiana Fever. Which is a basketball team in the WNBA. So, I believe it is important to me not only as a fan but also as a potential future employee to learn more about the WNBA league and get a feel for the marketing aspect of the league. That way I will be one step ahead of my competition that are trying to land the same career as mine.

First I want to discuss the history of the WNBA and how it all became a true dream come true for women. The NBA wanted the women to have the chance to play professional basketball. In fact, in the article History of Basketball, it states, "The powers that be at the NBA said, let them play next" (1). And that is exactly what happened for women all across America. In the article, "The Got Next" Lopez states, "the WNBA is the kid sister of the NBA"(46).

They approved the proposal and on Saturday June 21, 1997 will be a day no female basketball athlete will forget, it was the second opportunity for women to continue on with their basketball career instead of ending it short at the college level. It made no sense to put the WNBA up against the NBA or NCAA basketball season, so...

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