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VIII. Organization of congress = staffs and specialized offices

A. tasks of staff members devising proposals, negotiating agreements, organizing hearings, writing questions for members of Congress to ask of witnesses, drafting reports, and meeting with lobbyists and administrators

B. Growth and impact of staff a large staff creates conditions that seem to require an even larger staff. As staff grows, it generates more legislative work. Subcommittees proliferate to handle all the issues with which legislators are concerned

C. Staff agencies - offer specialized into have come into being in large part to give congress specialized knowledge equivalent to what the president has by virtue of this positions as chief of the executive branch ( CRS - provide congressmen with date, GAO - providing audits, CBO - economic)

IX. How a bill becomes law

A. Bills travel through congress at diff. speeds

1. bills to spend money, tax or regulate business move slowly.

2. bills with clear, appealing idea most fast.

3. complexity of legislative process helps bill's opponents block action at various points.

B. Introducing a bill

1. any member of congress can introduce legislation

2. congress initiates most legislation.

i. If bill not passed and signed by end of congressional session (2 years), it is dead, must be reintroduced next session.

3. President can suggest legislation, member of congress must officially introduce bill.

4. resolutions

i. simple - passed by one house affecting that house

ii. concurrent - passed by both houses affecting both

iii. joint

1. essentially a law - passed y both house, signed by pres.

2. if used to propose constitution amendment - 2/3 votes in both house, no president sign at.

C. Bill referred a committee for consideration by speaker of house or presiding office of senate.

1. revenue bills (tax) must originate in house...

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