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Index The Beginning??????????????????..3 Wireless technology in action Today??????????4 The Future of Wireless Technology??????????..6 Works Cited????????????????????7 Wireless Technology The Beginning/Background: ?A gentleman named Heinrich Hertz was the discoverer of electromagnetic waves, the technical foundation of radio itself. By 1880, Hertz had demonstrated a practical radio communication system. This is the origin of the term Hertz, the unit of frequency.? (Wireless Crash Course, 2001) As broad a subject is as wireless technology, there seems to be a reoccurring theme, convenience. The earliest type that comes to mind is the simple radio. Information traveling through the air from one point to the other is the concept at hand. The most primitive and obvious example seems to be the basic walkie talkie. They are completely mobile and wireless, sending radio waves through a selected frequency from one to the other. This is obviously basic.

Cellular phones are another example of going wireless. As people become more ?disconnected? and ?on the go?, evolution in communication is extremely necessary and is demanding attention as days go by.

And with the evolution of the internet, wireless tech is more of a commodity than ever.

Ethernet connections are the dominant type of connection right now and have been for quite a while. ?In the beginning the wired transfer rate was 10 megabits per second.?(Beyond Boundaries, 2002) So, wireless connections were much slower at a rate of about 1-2 Mbps. ?Today some wireless LANs can hit a distance of over 400 meters at very high speeds.? Real-time transfer of data is soon to be the common expectation. This is very popular in universities and homes, as well as cost effective. Many homes and schools are old and the cost to wire the structures is tremendous.

Wireless Technology in action The use of wireless technology is prevalent in many places.

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