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William Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, Cumbria, and taught at St John's College, Cambridge University. He developed a keen love of nature as a child. During school holidays he frequently visited places noted for their scenic beauty. After receiving his degree in 1791 he returned to France, where he became enthusiastic to the ideals of the French Revolution (1789-1799). His lover, Annette Vallon of Orléans, gave birth to a daughter in December 1792, shortly before his return to England but he did not see the child until she was nine years old due to the outbreak of war between England and France. Disheartened by the outbreak of war between France and Great Britain in 1793, Wordsworth nevertheless remained sympathetic to the French cause.

WordsWorth had a philosophy, he believed that any person from the street should be able to pick up his poetry and read it and understand it so he wrote in what was known as an easy language to understand in the early 17th century.

He also believed that poets should be imaginative and create an atmosphere. To Wordsworth poetry was " the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" His piece of work called, "composed upon Westminster bridge", talks about the way London can be looked at like the countryside early in the morning he can see nothing but row of sleeping households and can hear nothing but silence and the soft sound of the Thames underneath him. To WordsWorth this is his inspiration and for him it does not get better than this. His other well known piece of writing called the daffodils has had some speculation because the impression he gives is that it is a nice sunny summers day and nothing could be better but then he sees the daffodils...

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