Wife abuse has always existed as part of some or

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Wife abuse has always existed as part of some or many marital relationships. Centuries ago, it was not uncommon for a man to abuse his wife because it was both allowed and excepted by society. During the fourteenth century in France, a man could legally beat his wife for failure to obey reasonable commands, as long as he did not kill or permanently maim her. The colonists in the New World brought these customs of Old England with them. In Colonial America, the English common law tradition allowing physical chastisement prevailed with the exception of the early puritans.

Over the years, abuse has continued and is now very much a part of everyday life of many women. How can wife abuse be defined in modern terms? In Domestic Violence No Longer Behind the Curtains, a report referred to as Denver's Battered Women describes a "battered wife" as " a women who has received deliberate, severe, and repeated physical injury from her husband, the minimal injury being severe bruising.

"Spousal violence" and also be defined by a list of factors including: 1. Threw something at her (meaning the wife) 2. Pushed, grabbed, or shoved her 3. Slapped her 4. Kicked, bit, or his with his (meaning the husband) fist 5. Threatened with a knife or gun 8. Used a knife or fired a gun The causes for abuse are very broad. Dr. Richard Gelles, a sociologist at the University of Rhode Island argues that it is impossible to single out one cause of wife beating. Other experts in the sociology field agree that spouse abuse is caused by a combination of things involving social position, stress, self-concept socialization, personal and community values.

A commonly held belief is that many wife beaters are paranoid-exhibiting deep irrational fears-and schizophrenic-unable to tell reality from fantasy. A certain percentage of wife beaters are sadists who obtain pleasure from inflicting pain. Wife beaters are often filled with immense feelings of guilt and become morose, despondent, and deeply depressed.

Wife abuse has a lot to do with alcohol and drugs. From forty to ninety-five percent of spouse-abuse cases are estimated to be directly linked to alcohol. Some persons don't feel that alcohol os a cause of wife abuse. This is true that in most families, husbands and wives drink without ever becoming violent. But in other cases, violence occurs when the offender is drinking. There is reasonably good evidence that alcohol is associated with violence in the family. But what is not clear is whether people act violently because they are drunk or whether they get drunk in order the have implicit social permission to act violently.

Wife Abuse is being defined as a result of problems within a mans life. Whether these problems deal with drugs and alcohol or if it is just problems within the individual, the result tends to be abuse on ones spouse. Lack of communication, change, and frustration are also instigators in abuse. If a man is upset, society makes one believe that he isn't supposed to cry. It is more manly to put his fist through the wall. Only sometimes the wall is his wife.

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