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THE WIERDO My book report is on a book called, "The Weirdo"�. The Weirdo, was a book written by a man named Theodore Taylor. The book was very interesting, my opinion is it is a good book for ages 16-18 years of age. The main characters of this book were: Sam, Chip, and Tom. The book was mainly about a girl falling for a boy who didn't look like normal boys. Chip Clewt had been in an airplane crash when he was younger and has been going to get treated. People call him a weirdo because his hair on his head is only half there, half his face is burnt, one of his hands has scars from the burns, and he walks limp on one of his legs. I'll start the story when Sam was walking home from school one day and she came across a body, she was only a little girl and did'nt know what to do.

San ran home to her mother and told her she came across a dead body. Sam's mom, Dell Sanders, called deputy Truesdale.

He showed up and was able to identify the body. The dead man's name was, Alvin Howell. He was a man known for gambling cocks. 7 years later, no one knows who killed Alvin Howell.

Late afternoon one day, sam's aunt and uncle showed up and left their prized possesion because they were on their way to Paris.

As soon as they left, their dog buck, ran after a bear into the swamp near their house. This swamp is very huge, it has 8 long trails, and has a place called sand suck, it was a bunch of quick sand. Sam was scared she hadn't been back in there since she saw the dead body. She ran...

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