"Why cops are called pigs," by melissa. This essay tells about police brutality and the horrible things that policeman have done to our nation

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Why cops are called Pigs

Men and women all across the U.S. are being beaten down by cops. Video and pictures have been taken to prove this yet this still happens every day. The American Court System is so naive and gullible that they don't understand that assault and battery charges filed by the police are a cover-up for police brutality. All the Quality control mechanisms of government exist only to protect the agency that they are trying to control. Ronald Reagan once summed up the problem before being elected president the first time. Reagan said: "Bureaucracy exists to protect bureaucracy."

In our very own home town of Boise Idaho police brutality is happening. A group of people down were severely beaten down by pigs. This is what they had to say...

"A woman next to me slowly started making her way towards the activist. She rubbed up against one of these riot cops, and then two of them immediately tackled her into the bushes.

I instantly reacted by putting my arm out and shouting "No, what are doing?! Leave her alone!" When my arm touched the officer, three of them tackled me into the bushes. After they had pulled me out, one of them sent two crushing blows to my head -- one to the left side of my face, and the other behind my left ear. They then threw me to the ground. One officer dropped his knee, heavily, on to the region of my upper neck and lower head. This was very painful. And the right side of my face was hurting very badly as the weight of his body continued grinding it into the concrete. I loudly pleaded for him to stop, but he kept this intense pressure and pain going." As you can see this...

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