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This world holds tightly to the ideals that it deems to be right, true, and just, when in reality how many of these ideals only hold people back? And when one defies that which has been deemed acceptable by society what do they get? Nothing, the masses shun them only few actually understand them, only a few see why they act as though they act, rather than looking at the motives involved, society looks at the actions at hand and reprimands based on what it feels is correct. Those that understand are already awake. The few that stand out and speak how they feel and believe in what they say, these are the few that I take my hat off to, these are the people that are going to change the world these people will make a difference because they do stand out they stand out as thorns on a rose.

Sadly for every one of these people there are thousands that conform. Feel for all of those who conform all of those who take what they are presented with and don't make their own, these are the people that allow society to remain dormant, never making room for change, every now and again there is one of these people who wake up from their sleep and realize what is actually taking place and they being to see the "˜thorns' of life and for the first time in their life they understand why. They understand the value of a question, at this moment they are truly, on their own and nothing that can be done that will change that, nothing from that moment can make them go back to sleep, they will forever be awake, regardless how much they wish to fall back unto the masses of sleeping dead, they can never go back, many try, only in vain, once you are awake there is but one choice you have, the choice of change, take others with you, embrace the child that looks at you and says "NO!" take him with you and begin to understand why he refuses to conform to this state of sleep that the world is in. This state of being is bestowed on all of life's living it is not born unto them. Society teaches its young to sleep and follow blindly, this must stop. Only when there are enough people that understand what is happening will this end. The young have no choice, however, we are no longer the young we are awake and questioning authority, not just for the sake of questioning them, rather for the sake of believing in a different way, believing that there is a better way.

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