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Whitman Essay

Walt Whitman is a great poet. He has a very dramatic approach to his writing. The way in which he structures his poems into stanzas and sentences give you a since of how the narrator is, the way in which he uses his narrator is similar to Dickinson except it tends to be more from living people or inanimate objects, and the title of his writings give you a sense of what the poem is about before you even begin to read. These three approaches make Whitman a good poet.

The way in which Whitman structures his sentences poems give you a sense of the emotion of the poem. When his poems are in nice, neat, sentences, and stanzas the poem is kind of relaxing and calm. When his sentences are eradicated and all over the place the poem is more dramatic and chaotic.

The more dramatic he makes the poem seem the more range of emotions you'll feel while reading keeping with the tempo and pace of the poem. One technique that makes your heart race while you want to read on until you finish.

Another style that I noticed Whitman used is good narration. His poems come from the different point of view of people and some times objects. This gives you a new angle at the message he is trying to get across. He does weird things to. He'll make the narrator of his poem a wave, or a scuba diver wishing being on a boat, a boat, or a skyline. Objects that can't move or talk he'll give an opinion too making the reading look through the eyes of an object they thought they never would do.

The last method Whitman uses is good titling. The title...

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