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Where were you, adam - book report This week, I was sent to read the excellent book "Where were you, Adam?" that was written by Heinrich Boll.

The plot of the story takes place in 1944, close to the end of the Second World War. The book tells the story of a German soldier names Feinhals who is in the infantry and is stationed, at the beginning of the book at the German-Russian front line. Feinhals gets wounded during a battle and is transferred to a military hospital in Hungary, there he meets a Jewish schoolteacher named Ilona. Feinhals falls in love with Ilona just days before she is sent to a ghetto. Throughout the rest of the book Feinhals grieves about the loss of his loved one. After Feinhals recovers, he gets reposted at the frontline, there he sees the horrors of the war and especially the horrors that the Nazis caused.

Feinhals then turns very emotional and full of guilt.

I liked the book very much due to the fact that it shows us, the readers another side of the German soldiers during the Second World War; it focuses blame on the German people. The book describes how Feinhals is tortured by the guilt that he feels. Another reason why I liked the book is that it gives great attention to details, a good example to that is: "The white flag hanging from his father's house was the one in the whole street, and he now saw that it was very large, it must have been one of his mother's huge table-clothes, the kind she took out of the closet on special occasions". Another reason why I liked the book was because it describes the characters point of view and thoughts in an excellent and detailed way.

The character I liked the most was Schnieder, which was a doctor in the hospital that Feinhals was at. I liked Schnieder the most because he was very kind and was not a racist or bad by nature.

The author of the book, Heinrich book is a talented writer, which later on won a Nobel prize for literature.

And in conclusion: I enjoyed the book very much (especially due to the fact that it is a sort of a mind game) and I advise you to run down to a bookstore near to you and buy "Where were you, Adam?" right away.

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