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In the U.S., people are abusing the use of welfare. Plenty of people in this country that don't have a job because there are too lazy to work should not be able to collect the taxes from other citizens that do.

I had the opportunity to help on a mission's trip at War West Virginia. It is a town of 1081 people that were mostly lower class. If you lived there, you had to be a coal miner to survive. Less then thirty years ago, 900 workers of the coalmine were fired. That's over eighty percent of their whole population.

When I was helping with the community, I noticed that many people didn't work at all. The whole town sat on their front porches and collected the money from welfare. That was the worst poverty level that I have ever seen in my life, and it didn't phase any of people that lived in it only because they were use to it.

I noticed the people were comfortable with living off money they collected from welfare. I know if they were forced by the government to work a small job instead of collecting welfare many would be better off and others wouldn't have to worry about welfare taxes.

Our country can't let people be lazy and not work just because it will help them with their needs. I know we could get rid of welfare and let the government give those who need money at least small jobs to support their needs.

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