Weighing The Emotions

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Weighing the Emotions Eating disorders are not about weight, but about emotions; my own experience with eating disorders has proven to me that through suppressing my feelings, I act them out through the behaviors associated with this disorder. Eating disorders are a type of psychological disorder involved with individuals' unusual behaviors with food. These behaviors are used as coping mechanisms by individuals to communicate and deal with emotions which they are unable to express. I used my eating disorder as a way of expression because I thought if I were thin enough, therefore being socially acceptable, than all my problems would disappear and life would be perfect.

Society portrays the most beautiful women as the thinnest women; the result is the rising number of eating disorders. Individuals seek out the latest trends and fads that the fashion industry throws out, and what society sees is the glamour of being thin.

I have been influenced by this idea of being thin from the environment in which I was brought up. The wealthy town in which I live frowns upon the overweight and adores the ultra thin. In high school I began to feel uncomfortably fat and compared myself to every girl who passed. I saw that everyone was thinner. I promised myself I would lose weight and learned tricks through friends on how to do it fast. We were all going to lose weight together. I thought I could finally be thin and I wouldn't have to hear the remarks of my parents. I was always chubby so my dad would call me piggy as I went to eat a cookie and my mom would always pinch at my fat. She frowned at me and told me not to eat when I went to the snack drawer. By junior year I...

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