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The afternoon light lit the valley, as the Pillar/Juan wedding practice was about to begin. Edmundo Pillar and Nadita Juan were the envied couple of the village. Edmundo was the most handsome man in the village, the want of every young woman. When he passed all the girls would bat their eyes and flirtatiously giggle to get his attention. Every girl in the village was jealous of Nadita, not only because she had Edmundo, but also because she was the village's beauty. She was slim, perfectly shaped with the longest, most beautiful jet-black hair. Her almond shaped eyes were gray/blue and her lips were the color of red roses. Nadita, although proposed to many times by different men, loved Edmundo and only Edmundo with all her heart. She did everything for Edmundo. Wedding practice today went as usual, except at the end when Edmundo was talking to a girl not familiar to her.

Nadita wondered who the girl was, but decided not t make it an issue because she loved Edmundo and trusted him. Edmundo dropped Nadita home, and on their way Nadita noticed someone following them. Edmundo, unaware of this kept driving coolly. Edmubdo stayed with Nadita until the night. He kissed Nadita and told her Goodnight and that he loved her. Edmundo got back into his car and drove home. Edmundo finally reached his house, his parent's house that is, without noticing the car following him at all. The girl watched as the lights went out one by one, in the picture perfect suburban house. Finally when all the lights had been turned off, she slipped out of her car and into the cold night. Crossing the street, she walked onto the porch of the house that she had been watching from her car. As she opened the unlocked door, a funny thought occurred to her, "He may not be home" What a ridiculous thing to think! Especially knowing the fact that she had stalked him from the wedding. Now, as she tiptoed up the stairs, she was so scared that her hands gripped the rails until her knuckles turned white. Reaching the top of the staircase she hesitated, then immediately turned left and walked to the door at the end of the hallway. Open the door! Her mind screamed, just go home stupid! Her body commanded. Pausing, she decided to obey the request of her mind, and slowly opened the door. Spotting him on the bed made her stomach heave. He slept so peacefully, even after how he had hurt her. She entered into the bedroom and shut the door behind her. His peaceful, unremorseful sleep put her into a rage. Crossing his room to his bed, she picked up a pillow and held it high above her head. All she could think about was "How can he do this, another girl, getting married, dumping me, that bastard!" A violent chill shook her body as she held the pillow with all her strength. Only a few minutes may have passed, but it could have been a few hours. Taking hold of her mind, she removed the pillow from his face and made sure that he was no longer breathing. Setting the pillow on the floor she bent over and gave his unmoving lips one last kiss. She then stood up straight, brushed her hair from her face and left his house forever. She hopped in her car, and drove off with a smile of satisfaction on her face, leaving behind a world of sorrows for poor Nadita.

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