We start on a regular day except that right out

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We start on a regular day except that right out side of our hero Arthur Dent's house is a bulldozer and a demolition crew to nock down Arthur Dents house to make room for a highway bypass. So Arthur Dents first action was to lie in front of the bulldozer. Right about then Arthur Dents smooth talking friend who just so happens to be from the system of Betelgeuse five came walking towards him and tells him he has to leave immediately to go to the bar with him. Arthur explained the situation so Ford made a deal with the Forman that he would not destroy Arthur's house.

So they went to the bar and Ford told Arthur that him and Arthur are not from this planet and how the earth was going to end in about ten minuets. Ford told him that it was going to be destroyed to build a interstellar bypass.

Arthur and Ford hitched a ride on a ship seconds before the earth was destroyed. As you can probably imagine that Arthur was pretty stunned by the whole situation. Two vogons spotted the two hitchhikers and quickly captured our heroes and before they knew it they were being throne out of the ship. Now a person can only live out in space for about 26 seconds well our heroes were out there for a good 25 seconds before they were sucked into a strange ship. They made their way up to the bridge of the vessel and to their surprise they found Zaphod Beeblebrox the president of the galaxy and a good friend of Ford Prefect. Zaphoid had a plan he wanted to start his own planet with his own rules and his own customs you could do this on a planet called Magraethia. He wanted to do this because he was a adventurous type of guy hey didn't listen to rules customs or any of that kind of stuff so he wanted to make his own planet the way he wanted it. So they started off on their journey. Accompanying them was a android but a different kind of android this on was smart, young, and depressed.

They finally arrived on the planet when they were accompanied by a defense mechanism. It fired two missiles at the ship but they both missed they fired back with a odd type of missile one turned into a whale and the other into a bowl of tulips. As the whale hit the planet it made a huge crater and the team went under ground where they found that all the inhabitants were cryogenically frozen so Zaphoid would have no one would be able to assist him with his planet. They were frozen until their computers could decide if the economy was good enough for more planets. The Magrathians were designing a machine that could tell the answers to life, the universe, and just about everything it answered 42 witch is absolutely correct however it did not know what the question was. So they made another one which was going to be called earth Arthur learned that he was part of a huge giant computer program that utilized biological technology to solve problems. Five minuets before the system was finished it was destroyed to make room for a interstellar bypass. He was the only survivor and the most valuable asset they had to present their clients. Even weirder the clients were two mice the mice explained how it was them who were running the planet during the entire biological cycle and how upset they were when it all went horribly wrong. The entire crew met up with Arthur and started bartering for his brain where the information was stored. Suddenly some police officers showed up that have been tailing them for a while and had the bunched into a corner wielding kill-o-zap blasters at them. Just when they thought it was all over the police officers died. They went back to the police ship and the found that the android had been conversing with the ship and made it suicidal and it overloading and shut off the life support for the two officers causing them to suffocate. They hurried back to the ship and blasted off.

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