We had to write a short story in my creative writing class. This story is called Jesus Lives in Colorado.

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Jesus Lives in Colorado

Teenage angst never tasted so good. Everytime that bottle of Jack Daniel's touched his mouth he got a little more numb, and his thoughts of her drifted further away. At 19, Dave didn't really consider himself a teenager anymore. But tonight, he was using every excuse he could. Bottle in one hand, handgun in the other, he tried so hard to sort out his thoughts and make up his mind. But even just sitting on that couch, he couldn't even see straight. He set the bottle down on the coffee table, and took a nice long drag of his cigarette. He picked up her picture again, and for one minute, his head was clear. Except for her. Her long, soft, auburn hair flowing behind her, he hazel eyes, and her beautiful smile were what he loved most about that picture. She looked so happy there. What went wrong? He sighed and put the picture down, and leaned back into the overstuffed back of the soft leather couch.

At least it will be easy to clean up, he thought. It was one year ago tonight, but he could remember every detail as if it were last night. He closed his eyes and breathed in deep...


She had ended her life in the same fashion that she had lived it, quietly. Gathering a clean bath towel and a magazine, she walked towards the bathroom. Blowing a kiss to her boyfriend just as she was closing the bathroom door. The water was flowing at a fast pace and felt to be just the right temperature. She undressed and lowered herself into the tub. It was an old claw foot tub; she had chosen the house almost specifically for the old bathtub. The razor that she used

to shave...

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