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How we got the job done To obtain the data that we needed to do this assignment we had to use several different tools or materials. To begin with you will need: String of different sizes, a ruler, I recommend a meter stick with centimeter measurements, various weights not to large, a stopwatch, and a protractor to measure your amplitude.

To start off we got all of the materials that are needed. Next we tide our string at the length of 92cm to the light fixture above. Then we added a 20g weight to the end which is the bob. Then we swung it from the amplitude of 50 degrees recording how many cycles it makes in ten seconds. After that we timed it by 6 to find the frequency. We then did the same two other times changing the mass of the bob to 200g and 500g. That was the mass test.

Secondly we did the length test. To do this we measured a string out to 1 meter and with a 500g weight and the amplitude of 50 degrees timed it again for ten seconds then timesing it by six for the frequency. Again we did this two more times shortening the length of the string to 70cm then 50cm.

Finally we did the amplitude test. With the mass of 500g and the length of 50cm we tested the amplitude. Starting with the amplitude of 80 degrees we again timed the amount of cycles in ten seconds. We did so two more times lowering the amplitude too 70 then down to 60 degrees.

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