By The Waters of Babylon by Stephen Vincent Benet

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(Great Depression Time's Feelings)

¬-Nothing of course will ever take the place of the old

fashioned liking "of a work of art or not liking " it-

(Henry James)

If you find some clues about the future, "By the Water of Babylon" can help you.

* * *

Story shows us the feelings of the 1930's people. It was written in response to the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Benet used his art to tell parables about the tumultuous events of his time that included the Great Depression.

After the First World War, starting the Second World War and horrors of the death camps, holocausts in the cities shocked everyone. So the thoughts of Benet create a futuristic world in his mind as in the story.

* * *

John and his tribe were the survivors after an apocalyptic war: Without knowing about the past and technology that we use now.

It is forbidden to go to the east; Dead Places except to search for metal, and who touches the metal must be a priest or the son of a priest. The most knowledgeable people are the priests. They can read the old writings and can heal the ill ones. John is son of a priest and he must go to the Place of Gods himself to become a real priest. This story is focused on this journey.

Journey is to New York, where is called the Place of Gods. He must overcome his fears and go to city. John waited for a sign to set out, and then he saw an eagle flying east. This is the alert to take the first step. When he came to the Dead Place he saw the river which is absolutely forbidden about...

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