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The War of Terror As the war rages on in the deserts of Afghanistan, halfway across the world a new war has arisen, and it is not fought with artillery. Because Canada joined the war on terrorism, our brave nation is facing corruption within the borders. Why does our peaceful country encounter such issues? Many factors are present but a strong point is new laws against terrorism in our fair streets, laws that may put our rights at risk. Furthermore, our involvement in the war is separating races apart, and deteriorating the multiculturalism of our country. There are obvious reasons why our country is helping in the war and making these laws, but to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"¦ Laws; they are made to help keep innocent peoples' lives in order and peaceful, but when is the line drawn? The anti-terror bill that our Canadian government has made will allow police to arrest suspected terrorists and force them to answer questions in court.

However, critics say that the law puts a person's right to silence at risk. Of course, we must not allow terrorists to remain silent, but what would civil libertarians think when their right to remain silent is compromised? The Charter of Rights would just be taken less seriously, and when laws are taken lightly, all anarchy can break loose. It is a controversial topic, should we compromise rights in order to take precautions against terrorism? Many implications can come from either decision.

Prejudice is a dirty word that haunts many people, even in Canada. Canada's involvement in the war against terrorism has only increased the amount of racism in our borders. Muslims across Canada fear for the lives of their innocent families caught in the middle of the war, in the Middle East.

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