War in Iraq

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Focussing Question 1

'What factors contributed to the war in Iraq?'

In order to answer focussing question 1, 'What factors contributed to the war in Iraq,' question 2 was included in the survey - 'What factors do you believe contributed to America's decisions to invade Iraq?'

So far, the evidence suggests that a significant number of people believed that oil was the main contributing factor to the war in Iraq. However this was a result that was expected due to the importance, demand and necessity of oil in the worlds economy, as well as a high level oh media coverage surrounding the issue of oil, its soaring prices and its connection with Iraq.

"The world's oil was starting to dry up. World oil production will start to fall sometime during this decade, never to rise again. President Bush was promised that oil prices would be cut, though conversely oil market traders whispered amongst themselves that the OPEC Cartel - 11 mostly Muslim oil producing countries would refuse to lift oil production to avenge the torture of Americas treatment of Iraqi's."1

It is interesting to note however that amongst the majority of younger individuals surveyed, oil to them was not really a main contributor to the war in Iraq. This could be as they are younger they may not have a broad knowledge or understanding on the war in Iraq and factors which have contributed to it as well as the oil situation. It could also do with the fact that being younger, they may not take an interest in the war in Iraq or news released about the issue therefore not considering oil.

Following very closely after oil, a number of people believed power was also a main factor that contributed to the war in...

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