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What is the most important problem facing the Wallace Group?

After completing interviews with key members of the Wallace Group and reviewing notes from these interviews as well as various reports and observations of the Wallace Group it is clear that there are several problems within the organizations, among these are a mood of lethargy and drift within the Wallace Group, many managers feel that each of the three groups functions as a separate and independent companies (Hunger, D., Wheelen, T. 2004). Each of these three groups has a set of concerns, some of them are shared and other are group specific. There are also personnel issues at the Wallace Group from the top down, as Mr. Campbell stated; the organization badly needs a management and development program, he also stated that many managers being promoted from within, whit little or no management experience (Hunger, D., Wheelen, T. 2004).

The union is making negotiations extremely tough this time around with regards to contract demands (Hunger, D., Wheelen, T. 2004). Another personnel issue is the is the that the entrance qualifications for positions within the organization may be excessive , and because of this there is a legal issue that is currently in litigation, and if these entrance qualifications are excessive there could be future legal issues (Hunger, D., Wheelen, T. 2004). The next personnel issue is a back log in the recruitment of personal, especially for the engineering positions, and the pay scale is considered to be too low, and the job specs are too high or that the organization is using the wrong recruiting channels (Hunger, D., Wheelen, T. 2004). According to Mr. Smith brings up several issues related to corporate planning but the "brass" does not the amount of effort that is expended to supply the requested...

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