A voice booms, ?I don?t wanna go to church! I

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A voice booms, ?I don?t wanna go to church! I don?t wanna go to chuuuuuuuuuurch!? as the bass slams in the background. The first reaction ? ?Did he just say that?? Yes, he did. NATAS (Nation Ahead of Time And Space, also ?Satan? spelled backwards) doesn?t beat around the bush as most other rappers do. They tell it like it is and take no prisoners. Their release Doubelieveingod could possibly be the best example, but some of their past releases show the same evidence. Although the album doesn?t follow the anti-religious theme throughout the entire CD, it is certainly much more dark, wicked, and controversial than anything listeners have previously heard. In addition to the mind-blowing lyrics, the amazing beats set the mood and tone for each song. As with any rap album, good lyrics and beats are a must to keep the listener interested. However, the combination of spooky and eerie beats with great lyrics make Doubelieveingod far superior to other albums on the market today.

When listening to Doubelieveingod, the listener can feel a sense of horror and even a small sense of fear. These aren?t the guys most of us would want to meet in a dark alley. Contrary to what most of the mainstream rap released on the market is about, this album talks about real life situations (hence the label name ?Reel Life Productions?). Esham a.k.a ?Esham the Unholy? is notorious for songs about death, suicide, and every-day life in his hometown of Detriot. Lyrics such as, ?I cut the head from the devil and throw it at you? or, ?If you wanna commit suicide I?m down for the murder ride, but f*ck them reverends and them church niggas, I?m all the way real b*tch, God?s gonna kill you? have gained him that notoriety. He is accompanied by Mastamind and TNT throughout the album and their lyrics and styles compliment each other. Past album releases such as KKKill The Fetus, Closed Casket, Multikillionaire, Blaz4Me (blasphemy), and Boomin Words From Hell give you an idea of the type of music featured on this album. The album titles themselves create high expectations, but the songs come through to fulfill those same expectations.

Possibly one of the most controversial albums in rap history, Doubelieveingod was heavily protested by Tipper Gore and other censorship activists in the mid-1990?s due to the anti-religious lyrics and the name ?Satan? spelled backwards as the group?s moniker. One intro to a song includes a news report saying, ?Police say Tony was hanging out with friends, smoking marijuana, playing Russian Roulette, and listening to songs about suicide when he shot and killed himself yesterday.? For a long time, activists attempted to have the album taken off of shelves or at least be re-released with edited lyrics to reflect less harsh views of the world. However, NATAS wouldn?t stand for that. They worked hard to put the album together and wanted everyone to hear it in its current state. They decided not to re-release an edited version and received a lot of publicity from the censorship attacks against them. After all of the protesting and media covering the stories, Doubelieveingod was NATAS?s first nationally recognized album.

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