Executive Summary

This report explores a local company in Australia and discussing how this particular business could take advantage of E-Commerce. I choose the firm that call VIVA Juice, is a store sells a range of taste drink by using fresh fruit and higher quality ingredients. There are 22 VIVA Juice stores around Australia. In the beginning of this repot will present the firm's description, and determining what is the VIVA Juice's industry assessment, company assessment and competitive assessment. For the competitive assessment of VIVA Juice, it be used with methodologies such as SWOT analysis to assist evaluate the firm's competitive assessment. Finally, identifying some recommendations to build VIVA Juice's E-Commerce strategy such as the home page must be attract to customers' notice, building a database for online product information, making online orders, making online payments, building a delivery system, building feedback system and establishing internet e-commerce security.


VIVA Juice is a chain store to provide fresh and taste drink with 22 shops around Australia.

There are 3 stores in Queensland and I choose the one is located at bus interchange level in Myer Center in Brisbane. The main products in VIVA Juice are various smoothies that contain different fruit and other quality ingredients. Also VIVA Juice offers a wide range of freshly squeezed juices and other low fat food such as wraps, muffins and gourmet soups (VIVA Juice online). This report explores how VIVA Juice could take advantage of E-Commerce to enhance its efficiency and profits. E-Commerce is 'a process of buying and selling products, services, and information over computer networks' (King et al. 2002:881). In recent years electronic commerce has become a popular trend on the Internet. Being without spatial or temporal constraints are the advantages of the Internet to make the business process more flexible...

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