Violence In The Media

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My topic is television violence and how it effects children. I have found five references all dealing with this issue. I will give a brief summary and then an analysis on the references that I have chosen.

The first reference that I will be talking about is a section from the book "Children and Television the One Eyed Monster". The section is called "Children's Perceptions of TV Violence". This section tries to justify whether children's perceptions of TV violence is different from an adults perception. A researcher named Van der Voort conducted a study at three schools in Holland to determine the children's perceptions of TV violence. Crime drama's were seen as realistic and were viewed with more involvement and less detachment. They were the most violent type of show viewed in the experiment. Cartoons were seen as being unrealistic and didn't seem to stir up as much emotion.

Van der Voort also points out that what is rated as being "violent" can be seen by children as not being violent at all. Since content analysis measures the amount of incidents per show, cartoon are seen as being the most violent shows, however most children tend to see cartoon as having hardly any violence. Children from ages 9-12 years old can have a very different judgment on violence compared to adults.

All of the facts were supported by actual studies done by Van der Voort. The points were very relevant because they pointed out that different people define violence in different ways therefore, it's a hard subject to determine. The section wasn't biased because it pointed out both sides of the story. Cartoons are only seen as violent because they have the most violent acts however, that doesn't mean that they are the most harmful. There was no emotional...

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