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Violence Not all schools or communities experience the same forms of violence, and thus not all are helped by the same violenceprevention program. In addition, not all teaching conditions are the same. Some schools have shorter class periods, some longer ones. Some districts mandate violenceprevention and/or allow a significant number of classroom hours for it. Many don't.

Individual student needs differ as well. Many adolescent boys clearly need training in empathy. Many adolescent girls are made more vulnerable by their exaggerated sense of empathy at the expense of a solid sense of self. They need training in setting limits, firming up their sense of self and developing overall assertiveness. Relate can be used as a "generic" violenceprevention program simply by clicking on the "violence" topic in the cell phone, and by following the links in the "How To" screen to skill building in managing feelings, controlling impulses, identifying with others and resolving conflict, as well as developing street smarts and joining with others to assert the right to violence free communities.

For a more tailored, topical violenceprevention program, simply find the topic that has the most immediate connection to the experience of violence in your environment. It may be bullying. It may be gangs. It may be hate crimes, racial conflict, date rape or exploitation issues. Follow the buttons in any order and you will have access to information, skill training, role plays, video true stories, interactive games, practice opportunities in sports, media analysis and guided writing exercises using Ripple Effects unique electronic brain/journal.

In addition to the broad skills mentioned above, specific skill components such as resisting stereotypes, practicing tolerance, managing fear, anger, frustration, envy or jealousy, resolving conflict, predicting consequences and developing self-esteem (not self-centeredness) may be relevant.

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