Vincent van Gogh's biography, trails and tribulations.

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Vincent van Gogh, an amazing artist, had a life with its ups and downs. Born in 1853 in Groot-Zundest, Holland, he was the second child of eight. He lived his life to the fullest, filling it with many works of art but also with pain and agony. He grew up around art and it soon became his passion.

At twenty years old, van Gogh moved to London to work for a branch in Goupil & Cie. While in London, he grew to appreciate art and found great influences such as Charles Dickens and George Eliot. While he moved around, he kept in touch with his younger brother, Theo van Gogh. He kept in contact with Theo for the rest of his life. While working for Goupil & Cie, he slowly began to turn his attention to the bible and not pay so much attention to the arts. He soon became a clergymen and a preacher in England.

Van Gogh fell in love with Eugenie who was already engage. His unrequited love for Eugenie eventually caused his demise in his work at Goupil & Cie.

Vincent van Gogh, still a Christian man, felt like it was his duty to continue his work in the church, but he also wanted to pursue art. He moved to Brussels and studied art and religion with an artist named Anthon van Rappard. Soon after that, he moves to Etten to live with his parents and furthers his techniques in art. He traveled a lot around this time and sees many country sides. He is told to paint 12 different angles of The Hague.

In 1886, he moves in with his brother, Theo, in Montmarte. In this period of time he meets various artists such as Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. During...

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