Views of Racism and how it should be tolerated. Jonathan Fraisure

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Think of everytime you walk through a park, mall, or any other place where a family or citizens can converse. Some may ask another from a different group the time, for example. The person asked could refuse to reply or ignore the person who asked this question.

the major reason that this happens is due to racism. People hold a person's race, religion, or skin color against them, causing tension. This can also escalate to a dispute, a lawsuit, or a fight in general. Racism should not be tolerated. It should be a punishable offense.

The United States may think that racism is under control, and in some ways it is, it is still a larger issue than imagined.

Gangs form and citizens of the united states perish due to disputes of racism.

Racism is a devastating issue to the American culture. Think of the crude jokes that teenages quote from television.

Imagine if the students were intentionally disrespecting your religion or race.

how would you feel about it?

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