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The Yale University Art Gallery is located on Chapel Street in downtown New Haven. The Yale University Art Gallery is an old and large cathedral. The architecture is absolutely beautiful. As you walk in through the huge glass doors there a classy gift shop located right in the entrance. The floors were made out of shinny oak wood. Blocks in geometric shapes carefully crafted the ceiling. Upon approaching the third level the floor changed from oak wood to marble, this led into the different rooms of art.

The piece of art in which I chose to view was a piece created by Vincent Van Gogh. The name of this piece is called; Corner in Voyer-d' Agrenson Park at Asnieres (Dutch 1853-1890). The picture is approximately two feet by three feet in size.

The painting of the Corner in Voyer-d' Agrenson Park at Asnieres looks as if it's very simple yet when viewed upon carefully it is a very in depth painting.

At first you think of the painting as a distant garden until you stare at it and your eyes focus on one subject. There is a person standing along side the garden while somewhat camouflaged in trees. I don't think that was Van Goghs purpose because the color that was used for the loner's clothes were strokes of red and orange, and it is the only time that those colors were used. Besides those two colors the rest of the painting is primarily expressed with pastel colors. Another interesting point of the painting is the shed like structure in the distance. It blends with the rest of the painting except the colors on the roof. They seem to be a mixture of the two colors used for the persons clothing. This was a very clever way to express...

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