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I have chosen the 7 wonders of the world. I have chosen them because they are to be found here in earth. So in other words I consider earth utopia. I consider earth as a utopia because it is the perfect world for us humans, full of challenges and full of wonders. If you would search the word in utopia in a dictionary you would see the following words: often Utopia An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. Some people might think earth isn't a perfect world they think that is, because of unsatisfaction. Anything can be perfect; it all lies in the eyes of the person who views it. I see perfection by satisfaction; if you aren't satisfied on what you have you will never attain the right thing that you seek. If someone gave you a pencil if you are always satisfied what you have you would think that the pencil that is given onto you is a perfect thing.

However if someone gives you a pencil and you are never satisfied on what you have you will think that the pencil that is given to you is a stupid thing to give. I also see that perfection is the way to destruction, meaning if you seek for more, that urge inside you will be the main cause of your destruction, that is because it is impossible for us humans to achieve perfectness; I have said that because, we humans aren't perfect so how are we suppose to make something perfect if we aren't even perfect. Simply means we are seeking for something that is never to be found, we are reaching the unreachable and we are capturing the unstoppable. That is why I have picked earth as a...

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