Usage of Anabolic Steroids

Essay by soccerphenom84 April 2005

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Many people ask, what are steroids and how do they work? Well there is not only one answer, steroids can be looked at as the ultimate enhancer which can lead to a ripped physique and chizzled figure, but others claim that they are nothing but a mood swing that carries tons of negative baggage. I have played sports for many years and to tell you the truth steroids have intrigued me, but never enough to act on it. I like other athletes, have the drive to be the best at my sport, but some athletes choose to cheat and take any shortcut possible to get an edge over their competitors. It has been very hard for me to understand how people can be proud of their achievements knowing that instead of working hard to obtain them, they took the easy way out and scammed not only themselves but people that look up to them.

This problem has become a media frenzy in recent years, steroids seamed to have found a home in the hands of professional athletes all over the world, but none more than those of Major League Baseball players. Certain Major League superstars have been called to congress and forced to testify whether steroid accusations were true or not, to me this is a disgrace to the league and a blatant slap in the face to all the fans and supporters whom purchased tickets and cheered for these so-called "stars." In this paper I will discuss the various types of steroids and there after affects, I will also discuss the different purposes they can serve including competitive and medical.

The problem with steroids is that most people have no idea exactly what they are or what effects they can have. So the big question is what are anabolic...

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