The Unprotected Witness

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The book I am reading is called The Unprotected Witness. In the beginning of the story Pete is living with his friend Rootie and her grandmother Mrs. Bodwitch. His father had been put in the witness protection program. He had committed grand larceny and was being chased by the police and the mob.

They had been on the run for a while. His dad always drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes. He never even left the house all he ever did was sit in his chair. Pete had to buy his father his vodka. He would meet two guys outside the liquor store and he would give them the money to buy it. On his way home he would go to an abandoned lot and sit down for a while. It would come alive as he describes it. If I were in his position I would probably run away.

Rats crawling everywhere like bees in a hive. After he would go home, drop the liquor off, and go for a walk. He didn't know what his father would do when he was drunk. After his father was put in the witness protection program Pete lived with her friend Rootie and her grandmother Mrs. Bodwitch. His father was hidden in the Ozark Mountains but not well enough. He had been found by the mob and killed.

Pete is a very quiet person. He never talks to anyone but Rootie, Mrs. Bodwitch, and his father. He takes everything very seriously. For example when a kid at his school made a joke Pete got into a big fight and beat the kid up. He is really uptight.

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