United States Nuclear Arsenal.

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"Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." said Robert Oppenheimer, one of the many scientists who assisted in the development of the nuclear bomb. He knew that he created a weapon so deadly that it could force the end of mankind. The United States has been the only country to drop a nuclear bomb on another country and when it did it was disastrous. The two Japanese cities that the bombs were drop on were Hiroshima and Nagasaki and when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima the co-pilot of the Engola Gay Robert Lewis said," My God, What have we done." According to David Krieger, President of the nuclear age peace foundation, "By the end of 1945, some 145,000 people had died in Hiroshima, and some 75,000 people had died in Nagasaki. Tens of thousands more suffered serious injuries. Deaths among survivors of the bombings have continued over the years due primarily to the effects of radiation poisoning."

Over 220,000 people were killed by two bombs that were dropped by the United States government but yet we still won't reduce our number of nuclear weapons.

According to the Center for Defense Information the United States still has 10,656 nuclear missiles in their arsenal. Two bombs killed over 220,000 people but yet we have over 10,500 missiles. You have to ask yourself why do we need this many missiles? The answer is we don't. The United States could cut the numbers of missiles in half and still be just as powerful as they are now. We just wouldn't be able to destroy the entire world as many times. One reason we aren't cutting down the number of missiles is it cost a significant amount of money to dismantle the weapons but yet we still are...

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