United Farm Workers

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Our rights as human beings"¦.

We deserve more than we are receiving"¦ We deserve Respect."� These are words that most likely ran out of the mouths of many farm workers during the 1960's. This will soon all change due to the formation of a group called the United Farm Workers Association is something that derived out of a group's pure determination to claim is rightfully theirs. It is an organization that was formed by farmers that had been denied a decent life in the fields and also in their communities. These farmers realized that as a group, there voices can be heard and that as a united group, their wants and demands can be met. With hard work and dedication the hard working farm workers can be equal and treated with the respect they justly deserve. These farmers' voices were encouraged from a greatly-dedicated man by the name of, Cesar Chavez.

The United Farm Workers is a group of farm workers that put their effort together to better the lives of themselves and their families; at first it seemed to be a long continuous battle for their rights, but after a great deal struggle these farmers started to see positive results that benefited their lives and gave them rights that any human being should deserve..

There were many reasons for this association to come to existence. The main reason is because farmers believe that they were not getting what they deserved. Most of the farmers were bracer, temporary worker imported from Mexico (footnote). Most of these workers either came from others farms and some even left their own land which was taken away for debt reasons. Also Mexican farmers were not doing well because the great depression occurred around this year, 1937. To aid in there struggles there was poor...

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