Understanding Gender Communication In Dancing.

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UNDERSTANDING GENDER COMMUNICATION IN DANCING By Marjolein Jongepier A Graduate Research Project IN Mass Communications Submitted to Dr. Kauffman in the Department of Mass Communications University of Louisiana at Monroe 2002 Abstract The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that men and women communicate different behaviors towards one another in dancing based on different factors concerning gender roles. The study will attempt to pinpoint these factors, and explain them, and this will be an attempt to help us better understand gender communication.

Table of Contents: * Introduction P. 1 * Literature Review P. 2 * Methodology P. 4 * Analysis P. 6 * Discussion P. 10 * References P. 12 * Appendix P. 13 I. Introduction Nonverbal communication takes place in every social setting. Much research has been undertaken in recent years to analyze different kinds of non-verbal communication. I am particularly interested in nonverbal and verbal communication between genders in the context of the contemporary bar-scene; specifically how men and women ask each other to dance. I will address the issues of flirting, the different interpretations of verbal and nonverbal communications of male versus female behavior, interpersonal attraction, and gender-communication.

I chose this particular subject because I have always been interested in the phenomenon of flirting and how the different genders signal interest towards one another. I have worked in the bar scene for over one year, and I have seen many couples flirt with one another.

This research will attempt to explain the different behaviors between the genders in the bar scene, and it could help the different genders to understand one another better. Through examination and research I hope to find some answers to my posed research question: What kinds of verbal and non-verbal communication takes place between men and women in dancing in the bar setting and how can this help us better understand gender communication? The significance of this research is to aid to an understanding...

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