The U.S. death penalty has changed drastically throughout history. It

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The U.S. death penalty has changed drastically throughout history. It began with deaths by beheading, stoning, burning, and crucifixion, and led up to deaths by electric chair, gassing, hanging, and lethal injection.

In my opinion, the U.S. death penalty is cruel and somewhat unjust, but I don't completely disagree with it. The criminals of the world, who have committed such sins as murder or other inhumane acts of sin, disserve to be put out of their miseries. I say this because killing sinful criminals will not only stop that criminal from doing his or her act again, it will also set an example to the other criminals out there. It will show other criminals that the U.S. means business when it comes to murder or homicide, and that they will be next on the execution list if they commit a similar crime.

Some people believe that the U.S. death penalty is just plain evil.

Even though I agree with these people, the fact is still that the victim didn't disserve to leave this world the way he or she did, and so the killer must suffer a greater execution. The killer should feel much more pain than the pain felt by the victim's friends and relatives. I believe that taking a persons life is plain wrong and inhuman, and if someone is sick enough to do it than that person should be executed in a way that no other person should be.

I'm not saying that I'm all for the death penalty or all against it. All I'm saying is that people who are literally psychotic enough to kill someone should be held responsible for what they do. If we keep these people with only the punishment of a long prison sentience they will not learn. They will just spread their sinful experiences to other people who are plain evil enough to repeat them. Therefore, the death penalty is needed to keep the insane criminals away from the sane ones. Although in my opinion, some of the ways that these executions are taken out are just horrifying.

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