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Tycho Brahe My individual from the Renaissance was Tycho Brahe. He was an Astronomer who discovered many things. He was important in the era of the Renaissance for many reasons. Some of the reasons were that he discovered many things about the stars, taught classes at the University of Copenhagen, and designed different machinery to look at the stars.

Tycho Brahe discovered a new star in Cassiopeia in 1572. He studied it and in 1573 he published a brief tract about it. He also discovered the moon's annual variation. This was helpful to the Renaissance because it taught people about the stars and it showed that there was much more about the stars to be learned.

Brahe also taught students at the University of Copenhagen about astronomy in 1574. This was helpful to the Renaissance because it spread the information that Brahe had collected in the field to other people.

It also helped with the popularity of Astronomy, so more people wanted to learn about it.

The "Sextant" and the "Mural Quadrant" were 2 of Brahe's instruments he discovered. These instruments were used for navigation by the stars. Not only did Brahe invent these instruments, he also checked their accuracy periodically. This was a big thing for the Renaissance and today because these instruments were helpful to sea navigation and they were very accurate.

Tycho Brahe helped the Renaissance in many ways. He will be remembered for all of his contributions to astronomy. He died on Oct. 24, 1601.

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