Twas a bleak and barren world of SClub7, Westlife and

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Twas a bleak and barren world of SClub7, Westlife and Steps. The people plodded on blindly, filled with the mundane mimicry of badly choreographed dance routines and 'catchy' melodies. Their hearts were numb, they were wandering blind, like programmed robots, because there was no alternative. Their spirits - withering and curling up like the corners of the Martine McCutcheon posters on their bedroom walls...

And then, there came a sudden blinding flash of light. And out of that light stepped the lean 6' 2" figure of a man... Ironically, from his lips came a refrain from that bleak and barren world of 'pop'... and yet, his unique delivery made people listen with new ears... His dulcet tones rang clear and true, his finger-clicks and hand-claps echoed in their hearts and brought forth a richness to their souls. And when the man finished his delivery with an intense and emotional stare, the people fell to their knees! "How much love is there in this room?" he said, and the wise among the people cried, "Hail the mighty Darius, for he shall show us the way! His triple-platinum album will blaze with the light that will save our souls! Join us in finger-clicks and hand-claps of celebration, for he is here! 'Tis the Dawn Of Darius! He is here!"

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