Turning Point

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The Turning Point As I reflect on my life I can precisely identify the point where my life turned around. I was a young man growing up in downtown Toronto. My family wasn't very wealthy. We didn't have many luxuries. I remember how much I idealized my older brother; he was like my role model. I used to look up to him as if he was God. He always seemed to have nice things, even though we had very little money. I remember when I first found out where he was getting all his things.

I left my house one morning to go play basketball at the local high school. When I got there I saw my brother with a group of people I had never seen before. He saw me and called me over. I slowly walked over to them with my basketball in hand. He asked, "how you doin' today Jimmy?" "Just going to play a little basketball" I replied.

"Hey guys, this is my little brother Jimmy" he told his friends. "Hey, you mind if we play with you?" He asked. "No, that would be cool", I replied. We played basketball for near an hour before Frankie my brother's friend said, "hey it's about time to do that thing now". "Alright lets get going", my brother replied, before asking me "hey Jimmy you want to come along?" "Yes", I eagerly replied, excited to find out what they are going to do.

We walked over to a store I had walked by many times. My brother told me to wait outside and to yell if any police come by or if I heard sirens. They couldn't have been inside for three minutes when they came bursting out of the door and yelled "run". We ran back to...

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