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I find all kinds of music interesting, but I especially like trip-hop. Not many people know what trip-hop is; therefore, opinions on it's exact definition differ. Trip-hop is a form of techno music influenced by jazz, but it does not have to stay strictly in those bounds. Often orchestral instruments such as the violin, bass, cello, and some woodwinds are used in trip-hop. These instruments combined with a strong beat form a melodic and rhythmic sound; thus, this form of music is easy to dance to.

There are two main vocal styles used in trip-hop. A female jazz singer is most common, but vocalists are not limited strictly to females. The other main type of vocal is rap; rap it's self is not a type of music, but a lyrical styling.

Sampling is also a large part of trip-hop; sampling is the taking of elements from other songs and combining them with original music to produce an original sound.

Sampling can be used as the main sounds in a song ; also, it can be used to add a subtle depth to a song.

The artist, Tricky, is often referred to as the founder of trip-hop. Tricky's first album is named after his mother; his mother's name was Maxine Quaye. Tricky started out as a London based rapper, but he quickly became involved with the production of the music it's self.

Trip-hop can take many forms, but all forms are linked by the melodious flow that is found from beginning to end. Trip-hop is marked by its apparent lack of organization that ends up giving it a polished feel of sophistication. Trip-hop is truly order out of chaos.

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