Transforming Twenties

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The twenties were a time period of many changes. Things changed economically, socially, and politically. It was a golden age for America. The country prospered in so many ways, in such a short amount of time. This huge transformation was too good to go, it was here to stay.

It started around when Calvin Coolidge became the president right after Warren G. Harding. Coolidge, shown at the top left of the poster, had a campaign which was called "Coolidge Prosperity," showing that he was ready for another progressive era in America. That is exactly what he got.

America social changes were probably the greatest change. People might say it's not for the better, but for the first time in people's lives were they actually having fun. Social barriers were breaking basically because of the revolt against prohibition. People came together and watched events like sports, music, and movies.

Sports stars became hero's like Babe Ruth, the baseball player shown on the poster. Jazz became the popular music and was headed by Louis Armstrong, a great trumpet player who is also on the poster. Movies were getting better and better and more people were watching them. The picture of the vampire on the poster is a part from one of the classic movies. Literature too was very popular with writers like Ernest Hemmingway, Langston Hughes and Sinclair Lewis. People liked being entertained, they drank, they smoke, they danced, and they gambled. Things like these could never be taken away once people experienced them.

Along with these entertaining inventions came scientific inventions. Electricity became a big factor in this area as it became very popular and very convenient all across America. The first and probably the greatest invention was the automobile. Industrialist Henry Ford was largely responsible for the...

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