The three main deaths and the speeches from brutus and Marc antony in julius caesar

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In my essay I am going to talk about the deaths of the three main characters of Shakespeare's play "Julius Caesar" and about the speeches of Brutus and Marc Antony.

The deaths of Caesar, Cassius and Brutus are all different in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. One dies through murder, another because of cowardice, and the last dies with a noble heart. For example, the main character, Julius Caesar, covers his head as he dies, so that no one could see him die. This shows that even when faced with something unexpected Caesar tries to keep his stature and dignity. It also clarifies for the reader that he is a noble and strong man who refuses to lose that status until the very end. Also, Cassius, after assuming him and his colleagues are loosing the battle, decides he shouldn't live, "O, coward that I am; to live so long/ to see my best friend ta'en before my face" (IV, iii, 59-63).

Instead of committing suicide by himself, he is a coward and asks his servant Pendarus to stab him with a sword as he lies there and covers his eyes. This act confirms that Cassius is a coward in two ways, he is unable to accept defeat, and he is scared to kill himself alone and he needs someone else do it. Then when Brutus is haunted by the ghost of Caesar, he realizes that defeating Caesar or his legacy is impossible he decides to kill himself. Brutus faces death nobly, "Hold then my sword, and turn away thy face, while I do run upon it..." (IV, i, 47-48). This shows that Brutus is the noblest of the three characters and not afraid of dying for what he believed in for his country. These three deaths...

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