The Three Little Pigs : Another Viewpoint

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The Three Little Thieves You've probably heard the story of the three little pigs where the wolf is portrayed as the antagonist. Those three pigs completely corrupted the entire story. Let me tell you how it really happened.

I was strolling along on a fine Sunday afternoon on my way back from church, and all of a sudden one of those little porkers came up to me and stole my wallet. I demanded at once that they stop running and return my wallet but they just ran faster.

Let me tell you I was not just about to let that delinquence run off with my wallet. I began to run after the little runt when he dodged into a straw shack.

By the time I reached the shack, I was out of breath and breathing briskly. I pounded on the door demanding that my wallet be returned to me. I got so worked up while pounding on the door, and I was breathing so heavily, that when I went to break the door down my breath collapsed the entire house.

I was hoping that the pig wasn't hurt, so when I went up and offered to help him to his feet, he bit me and scampered to a nearby house. Naturally I dodged after him.

When I arrived, I peered in through the window only to see another pig whom I presumed was his partner in crime. One of the thieves was on the phone and after he hung up, they both fell to tears laughing. I was growing impatient and decided to try a similar strategy.

"Out with you, or I will Huff and Puff and Bloooow your house down!" I cried. They only laughed harder. So, I took a deep breath and blew as hard as I could. At that instant the house came crashing down upon them. I could hear their cries from under the rubble.

Just then I saw a bright light circling around me. "Freeze!" Shouted a distant figure. It was the forest ranger. I could see that he was equipping with a tranquilizer gun. He raised the gun and pulled the trigger. I felt a sharp prick in my leg.

When I woke up I was in some sort of cage. In the distance I could see the cast iron gates labeled "Oakley Woods Zoo" And so that's how it happed. Now you know that the real Big Bad Wolf isn't so Bad after all.

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