Thrasymachus Claimed That “Might Makes Right.”

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In history we have used might to solve problems as a whole. While most civilized people decry such a position, it has been used more frequently than any other solution. This act is usually followed by a complex moral justification.

On a personal level, I believe there are many small incidences where this position, "Might Makes Right", comes into play. From a parents perspective it is important to have this role, to give guidelines, disciplines, and consequences to their children to give them the most stable, consistent, and encouraging environment to grow. In this situation I believe the disciplines are equal to the POWER, and the consequences are equal to the FORCE. Another example of this position, on a personal level, is the protection of yourself and your family against others. In the event that life and/or your way of life of you or your family is threatened, this position is justifiable.

If someone is threatening your life, I believe very strongly that it is your duty to yourself to defend your life by any means necessary, but only until that point where the threat is not a threat anymore. For an example, if someone threatens to kill me with a gun, and I too had a gun, I would shoot him to save my life. If I had shot him and he become immobilized and had not died, but he does not have a weapon to hurt me anymore, I would not become offensive and kill him while he is not a threat. Same situation applies to my family. If he were a threat to my family, I would do anything to save them.

On a larger scale in politics, this position has, I believe, less occurrences, but a far greater degree of consequences to look at. These situations in government on defense have complex factors and problems. For example, the Sept. 11th terrorist attack was an attack on America. This attack has been in the eyes of the entire world. If America were to not have an offensive war against terrorists, and not give consequences for those actions taken by the terrorists, there would be chaos is America. Many other people, organizations, and even countries would have America in mind as an easy target. I believe that America is doing a fine job in fighting against these terrorists, because they are being selective as to whom they bomb. Innocent villages, towns, and cities are being avoided and the world is seeing that America is just and will not stand for threats against its nation.

There are many thoughts of idealism in the world, many having an ideal way we should live our lives. Ways that are safe and just. Of all of those thoughts of living life, I believe one that sticks out the most to me is "treat others, as you would like to be treated". It sounds simple, but is not that easy. The world is not a perfect place, with perfect working ideals. There are people with different ideas that ruin that thought for me (some people like to be hit, I do not!). There for it is unavoidable for us to have to sometimes revert to the use of power and force to ensure our own safety and way of life.

In conclusion, we have used might in history to solve problems as a whole. While most civilized people decry such a position, it has been used more frequently than any other solution. I believe that protecting ones life and way of life is as important as living it.

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