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Hello, I just wanted to respond to your article by saying, It's about time someone stood up to the big guys. I have not had any problems myself with starbucks. I live in Mission outside of Vancouver, BC. And they give out free coupons and apologies left, right and center, even if its because your coffee is not the right temperature etc. But I do agree that with all of the bix box department stores moving in, including Chapters who ironically has starbucks in everyone of their locations. I really feel the service and the genuiness is gone. I miss the mom and pop operations. Thanks for fighting the good fight. I actually just bought a bottle of very expensive wine, that tastes somewhat like I am inspired, I will return it tomorrow and expect satisfaction instead of putting my head down in resolve and eating the cost as I would normally do.

I hope everything works out for you, good luck. Jordan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday, January 05, 2000 2:26 AM Customer service is my pet peeve. Although I have not personally had any problems with Starbucks, I have experienced similar problems with other companies. I admire your convictions! It is a matter of principle.

From your article: The problem with Starbucks is a reality of modern living; if the shopping experience is unpleasant perhaps we should shop elsewhere. Except that "elsewhere" is being quickly plowed under by big business and somewhere along the line it became convenient to accept the fact that most big companies don't have to care.

I agree with you that many large companies simply do not provide adequate customer service and the alternative choices are many times limited. Even so, "elsewhere" may not be much better.

From your article: I realize that...

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